About Us


For us security folks, the Internet is a seedy place. Filled with viruses, bugs, worms, exploits, vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited, malicious hackers, phishers, and what not. Until the advent of Unified Threat Management (UTM) enabled security monitoring, keeping an eye on your entire attack spectrum was the job for a compound-eyed bug who sat at your internet perimeter. A fantasy creature who never really existed. Getting reliable data for security analytics and deriving actionable insights on your security posture, was a trip to hell and back, twice over. You had no easy way of identifying real time attacks, whether the leak you had plugged was the only exposed vector or were there others? The worry was enough to cause insomnia.


With UTM Firewalls we were finally able to breath easy. Though that brought with it a new problem. Was the UTM device configured correctly? Or more importantly was the traffic passing through the UTM genuinely reflecting what you intended in your rules? Exploits and vulnerabilities are being discovered at a relentless pace, what is that sudden spike in traffic? Legit traffic, malicious attack, or some smart aleck user running a P2P swarm?


There’s nothing like juicy dissection of network traffic and pouring over syslog data. Inevitably, the novelty soon wore off and we wanted to see it all within an easy clickable real-time dashboard.  Hence, Firelytics.


Firelytics is the new improved version of an existing firewall log analysis system that has been in production for many years. Its real-time data engine is built on a proprietary platform that ensures we get blazingly fast results.


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